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Touchless and Easy Check-In App for Your Business

Private & encrypted data with no app to install makes it easy to comply with health guidelines.

Some of our Customers

How It Works

Customers arrive and…

Scan the Check-In Point
with their phone’s camera
Type in a short web address

Fill in a short web form

Configurable to what your health authority requires. Usually this is just their name and phone number.

Sample Checked In Page

And they’re checked-in!

The next time they visit they won’t need to fill out the form again.
They just scan and they’re done!

During setup we’ll put your logo on the Check-In Points and web pages where you see our logo above.

You can also have a button to your online menu, featured specials, or whatever you like!

Key Benefits


Your customers don’t need to touch a shared pen or clipboard to sign in, keeping everyone safer.


When a customer has checked-in once, they don’t need to fill out the form again. Next time they just scan & go!

Easily verify recent check-ins

Any employee can see the first names and times of the recent check-ins making it possible to verify that a customer has indeed checked in.

Compliance with contact tracing requirements

If you’re contacted by your health authority to provide contact tracing information, you will be able to easily get a report, pass it on to them, and get on with your day.


A customer’s information isn’t on display for all subsequent customers to see. Even employees can’t see their contact info. Information is only kept as required for contact tracing.


Contact information is encrypted both in transit to our servers and is stored encrypted as well. Only your management staff can request a contact tracing report.

Check-In staff too!

Your staff also check-in and you can view them separately from your customer check-ins. Most health authorities want employees to declare their symptom-free status upon arriving to work and, if you choose to do so, we’ll record that as well.

No app or hardware to install

All your customers need is a browser on their phone. And if they don’t have one, your staff can easily check them in on theirs. We use Messenger to provide an easy interface to the system, but only your staff will need that installed.


You have a two-week Free Trial and then a monthly subscription for each location.


FREE – Two Week Trial

We have a one-time setup process that gets you up and running:

  • You answer a few questions
  • You send us a good copy of your logo
  • We set up your location in our system
  • We send your Check-In Point images to print
  • You print out your Check-In Point and start checking people in!



A monthly subscription for each location and you can cancel service at any time.

  • Touchless Contact Tracing information handling
  • Operations for Employees and Managers via a Facebook Messenger chatbot interface.
  • Encrypted Contact Tracing reports
  • Offer checked-in customers a web page of your choosing, such as your online menu or featured specials!


What happens at the end of the Free Trial?

The credit card you signed up with will be charged for the first monthly fee and you can continue to use the Check-In system. You don’t need to take any further action.

Can I print my own Check-In Points?

Yes! When we set up your location we’ll generate images of the Check-In Points in four sizes. Download the ones you want, print them out, and you’re ready to go!

Can I design my own Check-In Points?

Absolutely! You can download the QR Codes on their own so you can put them into a Check-In Point of your own design. You can create any kind of Check-In Point you like!

Can I order pre-printed Check-In Points?

Yes! Once you’ve begun your Free Trial you can order any number of Printed Check-In Points on paper or as a vinyl sticker.

Do I need an app or special hardware?

While we call this a Check-In App there’s actually no app that needs to be installed. Your customers only need a browser on their phone — which every smartphone has. You and your staff only need Messenger (by Facebook) installed on your phones. No dedicated hardware is required.

Whats the difference between an Employee and a Manager?

Managers have access to all functions in our system. They are able to request reports, view recent check-ins (customer & Employee), change your location’s settings, and update billing. Employees are able to view recent customer check-ins, though only without their contact info showing for privacy reasons, and can also check-in customers manually.

What do I do when my health authority needs a report?

Using Messenger you would just hit a button to request a report. Enter the start and end dates you wish to cover and the encrypted report will be sent to your location’s email address. You then forward the report to your health authority, along with the password (ideally separately). This way you’re not risking exposure of your customer’s information, the health authority gets what they need, and it took you only a moment to take care of the situation.

Can I cancel the service at any time?

Of course. When you cancel you will make no additional monthly payments and your access will continue until the end of your remaining, paid time. No refunds will be given for partially used payment periods.

Can I send marketing emails, texts, or phone calls to people who check-in?

Currently the information collected can be used for contact tracing purposes only. However, we are currently working to add this feature to the system!