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Our Services

Initial Consultation Call

Let's take 15 minutes and talk about your business, where it's at, and where you want it to be. We'll discuss what I can do to help, and set up a plan.

Design a Messenger Marketing Bot

Install a Facebook Messenger Bot (also known as a ChatBot) in your store to give customers the answers they're looking for and open up a new marketing channel for you.

A Bot allows you to re-target people via Facebook Messenger. The average email open rate is about 20%, while the open rate on a Facebook Message is around 80%! This can be a much more effective platform for your re-targeting campaigns than email.


A Bot also helps improve conversions. People don't buy when they have outstanding questions. People also don't want to search through pages of text to try and find the answers they're looking for. If they're unsure, they're much more likely to just give up and move on to another site. Have an answer-bot around to give people the information they need to click that Buy button.

From that point there are many options that will all be tailored to your business:  booking a consultation call, lead qualifying quizzes, promotional offers, loyalty and referral programs, collecting feedback, reviews, and testimonials, etc. All done with your business brand, voice, and style, and without you needing to spend any of your time on it.

Speed Up Your Site

We know that customers don't want to wait -- at all. Plus your site's speed directly impacts your rankings in Google.


Faster Site --> Happier Customers --> More Sales

Store Setup

Your new store is just a few steps away! Provide us with your information and we'll get everything installed and configured.


Custom domain? Payment Gateway? Email linked up? Theme installed? Products imported? Product variants & images? Shipping options? Currencies? Required apps? ... there is a LOT to do when setting up a store!


You'll come out of this service with a fully functional store ready to open up online, or to further customize to your liking.

Set Up Subscription Payments

Setting up subscription payments can be frustrating. The tools that are supposed to make things easier often don't, and the charges can be overly complicated. We'll cut through the noise for you.


We'll show you what we consider to be the best option for your platform and business, and clearly explain how the charges work.


Then we'll set everything up for you. And you start making regular, predictable sales.

Set Up Payment Gateway or Processor

Ah yes, that rather critical part of your site: accepting payments! Depending on your business and which platform you're using this could either be a relatively simple process or something much more involved. Either way, we can help you set things up correctly.

You also want to be sure that you fully know how and when you will gain access to your funds, and what risks are involved based on which payment processor you choose.


Let us help you sort this out.

Customize Your Store

Is there something you want your store to do differently? Do you want it to better reflect your brand? Make things easier for your customers? Display products in a more appealing manner? We can help!


We'll customize the way your current theme or template works to do what you want it to; it is YOUR business after all... it should be what you know will serve your customers best.


Anything goes for this service. We'll discuss what you want done and figure out the best way to make that happen. It can be about the way your store looks and behaves for your customers, or how you can better integrate your business processes and your store's capabilities.


Let's talk about making your store as helpful to your business and customers as it can be.

Shopify Theme Upgrade

You selected a great theme, built your store on it, and now they've added new features to your theme but... you don't get those. We can remedy that.


When themes get updated they aren't automatically applied to your store. App installs and customizations make it something that Shopify can't do for you.


Sometimes there are some very nice features added into themes -- or bug fixes -- that you really want to have.


We have the technical expertise to merge in those new changes -- in most cases -- without disrupting your installed applications or other custom changes you've made to your site. (And if there ever would be a disruption from the merge, we won't deploy it.)


Stay up to date and enjoy all the features the modern version of your theme offers.

Change to a Different Theme

As your business grows it changes. You may find that now your needs are different than what they were. Sometimes changing to a new theme is the right way to ensure your store meets the needs of your customers.


Changing to a new theme can be a challenging process due to the various app installs and customizations made to your site. Moving to a new theme means either re-installing or moving most of the apps over, and then ensuring the appearance in the new theme is set to be what you desire.


We can move your store to a new theme while your current store continues to serve your customers.

It can be a daunting change, but better meeting the needs of your customers is priceless.

Something else? Talk to Us!

If you need something not on this list we can probably still help you out.


Book a free Consultation Call and let's talk about what you need.