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We help businesses use technology to increase sales and improve their customer experience. By creating and configuring the websites, apps, and marketing tools an e-commerce business needs, we reduce the technical and time overwhelm, allowing business owners to focus on progress and growth.

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We started operations in early 2020 and are a small, two-person team based in Penticton, BC.

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James MacIntosh, Founder

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Savvy Store Services Logo

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Our Founder

James MacIntosh

“At the heart of it, I enjoy solving problems.

I have a strong background in software (with a BSc. in Computer Science), experience communicating with people in a variety of disciplines, and an ability to see the big picture.

I’ve worked as a software developer and architect, a multi-site development manager, a product strategist, an eCommerce specialist, and almost always as a liaison between technical, artistic, sales, and executive teams.

I can talk with you about your business in plain English, and together discover some new opportunities that could really make a difference.”

James MacIntosh, Savvy Store Services Founder

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