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Our LaunchOnline Grant Solution

Moving your store or service business online makes more sense now than ever, and the BC government is helping by offering the Launch Online Grant to BC-based businesses. What makes this grant program so appealing is two-fold:

  1. It awards the funds prior to the work being done, and
  2. It requires the work be done by BC-based businesses as well, further helping our economy.

We have solutions compatible with the LaunchOnline Grant that make it easy to get your store or service business online.

The LaunchOnline Grant provides up to $7,500 in funds to get your business online. They cover 75% of eligible expenses.

For details on what expenses are eligible you can review the LaunchOnline Grant Program, however we can also help you determine what of the eligible expenses are going to work best for your business.

You have to act fast though as the fixed pool of funds are being distributed to applicants in the order they are received!

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Our LaunchOnline Essentials For Stores

Online Store Icon

Online Store

A Shopify e-commerce site with secure, PCI-compliant checkout and payment processing.

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Your Brand

A premium theme for your online store, customized to represent your brand online and appeal to your audience.

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Mobile Friendly

Most online purchases are now made on mobile! Your store will work perfectly on small screens.

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Store Management

Easily track online inventory, order status, and shipping options for all products and customers.

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Your Products

Get your products loaded into the store with up to three options such as size or colour.

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Group your products in ways that help your customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

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Order Emails

Your customers will stay informed with order confirmation emails and clear receipts.

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Analytics & Reports

Reports on sales from Shopify and information on your customer’s behaviour from Google Analytics!

Our LaunchOnline Essentials For Service Businesses

The LaunchOnline program has been expanded to cover service businesses getting their booking systems online. This applies to businesses such as hair salons, home services, restaurants, yoga studios and many others.

Here’s some of what we can do for you

Online Booking

Allow clients to sign up for some or all of your services online!

Multiple Calendars

Every service provider has their own calendar, letting you ensure everyone is fully utilized without overbooking.

Control Availability

Minimize cancelled appointments by controlling availability on a per-provider and per-service basis.

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Reduce no-shows by ensuring clients get timely notifications of upcoming appointments by email or SMS.

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Online Site

A website presenting not only what you do, but who you are and how to book your services.

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Your Services

Show your services on your site, with clear descriptions and images to clarify how you can help.

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Mobile Friendly

Most online bookings are now made on mobile! Your site will work perfectly on small screens.

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Analytics & Reports

Reports on services and information on your client’s behaviour from Google Analytics!

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Email Marketing

A fully-featured email marketing solution, letting you email customers at the right time with the right message. Send a welcoming series of emails to new customers, ask for reviews from current customers, send thank you emails to repeat-customers or special come-back offers to those who haven’t purchased in a while, and many other possibilities! Comes with templates set up and ready for your content.

SMS icon

SMS Marketing

Text messaging is rapidly becoming the preferred way to communicate for customers. It’s immediate and personal. Like email, you have control over what and when you send your messages. Text order status updates, and early-access promotions to your best customers. Let them know your daily specials. Comes with templates set up and ready for your content!

Chat icon

Customer Engagement

Always be there for your customers. Answer their questions in Facebook Messenger, even if you and your staff are not around. Create Product and Service Selector quizzes to help your customers find what they’re looking for. Make recommendations based on past behaviour and take advantage of a very powerful abandoned cart channel.

James is easy to talk to, understands what we need, and offers helpful suggestions. He changed our add-to-cart behaviour that increased our percentage of purchasing visitors by 35%!

Richard Gallagher, Happy Fork

What I like most about James is that he explains website jargon in a way that anyone can understand. I would definitely recommend James for any website assistance you may need.

Laurel Garner, Internal Balance

With Savvy Check-In we have no lost pages or illegible handwriting, and most importantly, no contact. It’s improved our guest experience and for the regulars, it’s super fast!

Christopher Royal, Pizzeria Tratto

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