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Our goal is to get your online store working for you.

We want to free you to focus on building your business instead of working for your business.

We’ve worked with technology for a long time, and we can help you to find new solutions to problems, and different ways of tackling the limitations and frustrations you’re facing in your business. Let’s talk about how to improve your store’s customer experience and how to make your business’s processes more efficient.

We want to make all the pieces of your store work together to provide a seamless and coherent solution that’s both better for your customers and easier for you to manage.

James is easy to talk to, understands what we need, and offers helpful suggestions. He changed our add-to-cart behaviour that increased our percentage of purchasing visitors by 35%!

Richard Gallagher, Happy Fork

What I like most about James is that he explains website jargon in a way that anyone can understand. I would definitely recommend James for any website assistance you may need.

Laurel Garner, Internal Balance

With Savvy Check-In we have no lost pages or illegible handwriting, and most importantly, no contact. It’s improved our guest experience and for the regulars, it’s super fast!

Christopher Royal, Pizzeria Tratto
James MacIntosh

“At the heart of it, I enjoy solving problems.

I have a strong background in software (with a BSc. in Computer Science), experience communicating with people in a variety of disciplines, and an ability to see the big picture.

I’ve worked as a software developer and architect, a multi-site development manager, a product strategist, an eCommerce specialist, and almost always as a liaison between technical, artistic, sales, and executive teams.

I can talk with you about your business in plain English, and together discover some new opportunities that could really make a difference.”

James MacIntosh, Savvy Store Services Founder

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